Angela Kokott: Bike tax could silence critics

Should we impose a bike tax?. Tyler Schroeder / Global News

I’m an avid cyclist and while I hate to pay taxes, I would be okay with a bike tax.

Oregon has become the first U.S. state to impose a $15 tax on the sale of new bikes valued at more than $200. Supporters of the new tax say the revenue will be used to fund bicycle and pedestrian projects, such as cycle tracks.

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So, why would a cyclist support the tax?

Ever since Calgary brought in its cycle track, motorists have complained about the inconvenience and cost of the network.  Some have suggested cyclists should be licensed.

With a bike tax, cyclists would finally be able to illustrate how they are helping to fund bike lanes. That’s despite the fact that many of us also pay gas taxes, property taxes and income taxes (all of which are streams of revenue that help fund road/cycle projects).

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Fifteen dollars would be a small price to pay to silence the critics.

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