Cobourg Lawn Bowling Club marks 110 years

The Cobourg Lawn Bowling Club was founded in 1907 at Victoria Park.

The sport of lawn bowling is listed at number 50 on Participaction‘s “Top 150 Ways to Move Your Body”.

In Cobourg, the sport is steeped in history as its club celebrates its 110th anniversary.

Back in 1907, the Horticultural Society formed the club at Victoria Park. It has been in that location ever since.

“I think they had 12 members in the first year.  It grew much more after that,” said long-time member Bill Arthur. “It was only a patch of ground with chicken wire at the start. And then, in 1925, the first stage of the clubhouse was built.”

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Memorial tournament honours legacy of lawn bowling sisters
Memorial tournament honours legacy of lawn bowling sisters

There are nearly 100 members of the club. Nancy Fargo has been coming here for two years and says she can’t get enough.

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“I love it.  I’m actually hooked on it now. I’m down here three or four times a week. I love the comradery.”

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The junior division is also thriving.  It has 16 members including Braden Saunders, 17. He has been participating since he was only six.

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“My siblings did it before I did.  It’s a nice, relaxing sport.  More strategy-based.”

The sport of lawn bowling is a lot like curling on grass, but it has one major difference: Instead of throwing rocks at a button, you’re bowling balls at a smaller white ball called a jack.

The jack doesn’t stay in one spot.  It can move.

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