How Alberta’s Collector Car Appreciation Day started with a man named Albert

July 14 declared Collector Car Appreciation Day in Alberta
WATCH: Classic car collector John MacDonald and Service Alberta Minister Stephanie McLean explain why July 14 has been declared Collector Car Appreciation Day in Alberta.

The provincial government has declared July 14 as Collector Car Appreciation Day—and it all started with a conversation between the minister of Service Alberta and a man named Albert.

“I was at the Dalhousie Show and Shine as the MLA for Calgary-Varsity and a gentleman approached me—Albert,” Stephanie McLean told Global News. “And Albert is a car collector and he said, ‘You know, the province has never recognized Collector Car Appreciation Day and this has been recognized in so many other provinces and I would love it to be recognized here.’

“And I said, ‘You know, this is something that my family is passionate about. I know that you guys put in tons of hours into restoring this beautiful heritage of Alberta.’”

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Albert Ogusuku is a Calgary collector car hobbyist who is proud to share his passion with the community and excited to join British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in recognizing the hobby with a special day.

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From Depression-era cars of the 1930s, to family farm trucks of the late 1940s, to muscle cars of the ‘60s, McLean said the government is giving thanks to the car hobbyists for preserving our heritage.

“It’s important because it recognizes the historical importance of cars—whether it’s a reminder of your teenage years, the first car you ever dreamed of owning—or  how that community really gives back to charity—whether it’s MS or prostate cancer or children’s hospital—they give back to the community.

“They really are part of the fabric of Alberta.”

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The province will be signing a declaration Friday night at 6:30 p.m. at A&W (80 Glendeer Circle S.E.) and the public is welcome to attend.

Quick facts on collector cars in the province from Service Alberta:

 There are more than 3.5 million vehicles registered in Alberta

  • The oldest car registered is a 1900 Locomobile Roadster
  • Other makes of interest registered in Alberta are a 1929 Duesenberg, 1933 Bugatti Coupe and 1950 Bentley Mark VI
  • An antique plate is available for vehicles or motorcycles that are at least 25 years old
  • An antique plate is available specifically for the collector car community and is to be used for vehicles that only operate as collectors’ items in exhibitions, club activities and parades or are travelling to and from these events
  • There are more than 20,000 antique licence plates registered in the province
  • Antique plates can’t be used for general motoring
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