Friends of missing Toronto man Andrew Kinsman appeal for information on disappearance

Click to play video: 'Police treating disappearance of a Cabbagetown man as suspicious' Police treating disappearance of a Cabbagetown man as suspicious
Tue, Jul 4: Andrew Kinsman was last seen near his Cabbagetown home last Monday. Friends say they are concerned for his safety because his disappearance is completely out of character. As Ashley Carter reports, Toronto police are now considering this missing persons case to be suspicious – Jul 4, 2017

Friends of missing Toronto man Andrew Kinsman, who has not been seen for more than a week, say his disappearance is out of character and are appealing for information from the public on his whereabouts.

“I’ve never known Andrew to just pick up and disappear like this,” said Ted Healey during a press conference Thursday morning. “He wouldn’t not tell his housemates and his neighbours that he was leaving. He had a cat. He loved that cat very much. He had responsibilities around the house that he lived in.”

Kinsman was last spotted on June 26 in the Parliament Street and Winchester Street area in the city’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood. Healey said he last saw the 49-year-old during Toronto’s Pride weekend.

“He was coming from Pride to go home to get dinner. We were headed towards Church Street to check out the last bits of Pride and he was happy. He was upbeat. He talked about his job. He was hopeful about his job,” Healey said.

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Friends say Kinsman is a staff member at the Toronto HIV-AIDS Network and a volunteer at the Toronto People With Aids Foundation.

“He’s a really wonderful person. He’s funny. He’s warm. He’s thoughtful. He’s caring and he’s a man of great integrity,” Meaghan Marian said.

“Andrew loves to bake and cook. He feeds his friends and neighbours all the time. He brings down scones and cookies. He’s always around the apartment to help out.”

Kinsman’s neighbours say there was no indication he was leaving for any extended period of time.

“His cat was unfed which is completely out of character. He loves his cat more than anything,” Cecilia Saez said. “It didn’t look like he had packed anything. It looked like he had meant to come back. The fridge is stocked with food like always.”

Investigators have classified Kinsman’s disappearance as suspicious. Police are also looking into whether the recent missing persons case is linked to three others in the area this spring.

“We are aware of those previous disappearances,” Det. Barry Radford said. “We have reviewed them to see if there are similarities in regards to Andrew’s disappearance. And at this point, we’re still continuing the investigation to see relevance those missing people have in regards to Andrew’s. But the focus of our investigation this week has been completely centered on finding and locating Andrew.”

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Kinsman is described as approximately 6’2” tall, with a medium-to-stocky build, buzz-cut brown hair, beard and wore glasses.

He has a vertical scar on each of his knees from past surgeries. He is also described as having an armband-type tattoo with wording on his right bicep and an armband with a word tattooed on the left side of his chest.

Police have not been able to provide a clothing description. However, he often wears cargo shorts and brown leather Birkenstock sandals.

An event is planned for this Sunday at Allen Gardens at 4 p.m. to raise awareness about his disappearance.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-5100 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

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