“Really Scary:” Cyclist describes downtown Winnipeg road rage incident

April Ludwick carries her bike after it was damaged in a road rage incident. Rudi Pawlychyn/Global News

WINNIPEG – A Winnipeg cyclist has filed a police report after a road rage incident left her shaken and her bike damaged.

April Ludwick says she was riding her bicycle on Broadway at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

While stopped at the lights at the Donald Street intersection, she says a man driving a grey sedan behind her began to honk and yell homophobic slurs and threats.

“He definitely started leaning on his horn and screaming profanities left right and centre,” said Ludwick.

The driver appeared to be angry because he couldn’t turn right since she was in the curb lane ahead of him, said Ludwick, an avid cyclist.

“It got really scary,” she said.

The driver then bumped into Ludwick’s rear tire, before slowly driving towards her and the bike.

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“The minute I got off my bike he then approached me very aggressively multiple times catching the rim of my bicycle under the front of his bumper,” said Ludwick.

“My fear, even though it all happened very quickly was, is he going to run this person over,” said Andrea McLandress, a witness to the incident.

McLandress had a birds’ eye view of Donald and Broadway from her office at the Manitoba Mining Association.

“I saw the car gradually but purposefully advance on the cyclist to the point where the car was on top of the bike,” she continued.

Ludwick pulled the bike out from under the front end of the car, damaging several parts.

She has reported the incident to MPI and the police.

They confirm they’re looking into what happened.