Own a piece of old Mosaic Stadium online auction now underway

The city of Regina says anything portable from Taylor Field is available for sale.
The city of Regina says anything portable from Taylor Field is available for sale. Sean Lerat-Stetner / Global News

Before old mosaic is gone forever, the city is giving everyone an opportunity to own a piece of its history.

It’s one of the biggest auctions in Regina’s history…most everything you could imagine from old Taylor Field is up for grabs.

The auction is being conducted by McDougall auctioneers.

“There is everything from mop pails, urinals, stretchers, turf, seats – there is a bit of everything,” said Riley McChesney from McDougall Auctioneers.

If you have your heart set on a specific piece of the old stadium, McDougall has some advice on how to ensure you can bring home your piece of history.

“If you really really want something and you don’t care what you pay for it. Just go in and put your max bid to whatever you like,” McChesney added.

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The city has even sectioned off the field. Each piece of turf, averaging 4 feet by 8 feet, has a starting bid of $5.

“It will be individual pieces of turf you will be buying and the seats will be done row by row,” McChesney said.

The city doesn’t know how much they will make from the auction but believe the demand will be high. Plans are to use some of the revenue to offset the demolition costs of the old stadium.

“It’s pretty difficult to speculate on what we can anticipate on revenue, it really is about supply and demand and buyer’s interest,” said City of Regina Facility Director Jill Hargrove.

Different things will bring different bids. Signage and other nostalgic items will create high demand.

“There is always signage items might be nice, something that doesn’t take up a lot of room and yet would have history,” Hargrove added.

The online auction goes until July 27th.