Some U2 fans to get compensation following ticket mayhem at BC Place

Click to play video: 'Mayhem surrounding BC Place as thousands left outside U2 concert'
Mayhem surrounding BC Place as thousands left outside U2 concert
Sat, May 13: Thousands of U2 fans are still upset and angry after having to wait for hours in a massive line up Friday night to see the Irish Rock band kick off their world tour. But a new credit card entry system that was put into place to stop ticket scalpers and bots. That created huge backups and as a result thousands got in late. Jill Bennett reports – May 13, 2017

Nearly two months after U2 kicked off their Joshua Tree tour at BC Place in Vancouver, some fans are being compensated for a ticketing debacle that saw thousands stuck outside as opening act Mumford & Sons took the stage.

Fans who filed complaints are saying they received an email offering compensation.

“They are going to compensate with a $50 Ticketmaster gift card, basically to be used towards one of their events,” said Vancouver resident Chad Kerychuk, who received an email from the venue and Ticketmaster on Tuesday.

LISTEN:  Chad Kerychuk comments on compensation being offered for ticket debacle at U2 concert

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“On behalf of BC Place and Ticketmaster, we sincerely apologize for the significant inconvenience that you experienced on May 12th. We want to assure you we continue to address the contributing factors so a similar situation does not happen again,” read part of the email sent to fans.

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Kerychuk bought four general admission tickets at $100 each, so he called the compensation “fair” based on what he spent.

“Do I think it’s value in terms of overall experience? Certainly not. I mean it was hours in line and waiting in the cold,” he said.

“Three hours of lineup before you get in, that in itself was already a bit of a nightmare.”

But Kerychuk said he worries about future events and how the venue will handle them.

“You got Coldplay coming up at BC Place and I’m concerned going to that, it might be the same scenario again that night.”

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Concertgoers waited in line for hours, trying to get their credit cards checked as part of a new security system.

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“They definitely need a system to facilitate all of it much better, they should have had more machines, more people to help people get in. It was a huge safety issue, I’m surprised people weren’t crushed trying to get in at the last minute,” said Kerychuk.

Along with the gift card, BC Place is offering free admission to a Vancouver Whitecaps or B.C. Lions game, paired with a $20 food and beverage voucher.

So far there has been no comment from BC Place or Ticketmasters

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