Transcona water park officially opens

Transcona water park officially opens. Global News

WINNIPEG — The largest water park in Winnipeg opened Friday after much anticipation.

Hundreds of parents and children in bathing suits watched as dignitaries in suites and ties cut a ribbon and blew a horn signifying the pool is officially open.

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Kids jumped in at the sound of the horn and rushed to be the first down the slides as the sound of splashing water came from the pool and splash pad.

“This Transcona Aquatic Park is defining a new standard for our city and I think we’re going to see it in all parts of our city,” said Councillor Mike Pagtakhan for Point Douglas, who says he’d love for one to be built in his ward.

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“This was made possible by a lot of discussion and debate at city hall thanks to the leadership of Councillor Russ Wyatt,” said Mayor Brian Bowman,  who added he’d come here with his kids and wife very soon.

The $7 million water park is deemed the first of its kind in Winnipeg.  It has four water slides, two diving boards, a splash pad and a sloped access to the pool.

“I was involved at the time when we saw the Sherbrook situation where the Sherbrook pool closed due to lack of maintenance and it was a concern that I had at the time that it could happen here,” Councillor Russ Wyatt said.

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It can fit up to 341 people. Roughly 320 took in the first free day at the park.  Admission is free all weekend.