This border-straddling U.S. home has a door that leads right to Canada

Click to play video: 'House straddling 2 countries up for sale'
House straddling 2 countries up for sale
WATCH: A house that sits on the border of the Canadian and United States border is up on the market, but it comes with some pretty important stipulations. – Jun 29, 2017

There’s a unique home that’s on the market and it straddles two countries.

Brian DuMoulin, who owns the historic home built in 1782 has decided to sell it.

The property is located in both the U.S. and Canada – specifically, between Beebe Plain, Vt., and Stanstead, Que.

There’s even tape on the floor upstairs to indicate which side belongs to Canada and the United States.

Though the home needs some upgrades, the nine-bedroom, five-bath home is only listed at $109,000.

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According to the Huffington Post, the house was originally built by a merchant in order to facilitate sales to farmers in both Vermont and Quebec. It was also known as the Old Stone Store.

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For realtors like Rosemary Lalime, finding a buyer with a dual citizenship might be a challenge.

“It makes it more difficult because I have to make sure they have the right customs papers to own the property,” Lalime told CBS News. “I’ve had calls from Lebanon, I’ve had calls from Cuba, L.A. Most of the people are interested in a restoration project.”

There’s also another unavoidable factor to consider when deciding to purchase this unique house –you must pay both U.S. and Canadian property taxes.

DuMoulin says there’s one door that must be bolted at all times.

“You step out that door and you’re in Canada off the property and subject to be arrested,” DuMoulin said.

With so many restrictions that come with owning this house, there is somewhat of a perk – your home is guarded 24/7 by the Border patrol offices for both nations that are conveniently located across the street.

“It’s always something we need to be cognizant of who’s coming in who’s going out. We do a pretty good job of monitoring it,” U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agent Troy Rabideau told CBS News.

“I have a wonderful relationship with both sides,” DuMoulin said. “I feel equally U.S. and Canadian.”

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