Maple Ridge tent city residents taking B.C. government to court

A Bylaw officer posts a notice outside the homeless camp known as "Anita's Place.". Alliance Against Displacement

Residents of the controversial tent city in Maple Ridge are fighting back, taking the provincial government to court after months of what’s been described as neglect and even harassment.

Some residents have alleged they’ve been the subject of abuse and threats from some of Maple Ridge’s residents, which they’ve said have also been directed against local supporters, including Mayor Nicole Read.

The RCMP have confirmed an investigation into threats made against the mayor.

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The lawyer representing the group said tent city residents are taking the province to court because the BC Liberal government created the homeless situation by closing shelters.

“It is our position that the province is in violation of its constitutional right to the people that are living in that camp and the people that were living in the Rain City shelter because they actively created the situation where there is a lack of shelter and housing in this city,” said DJ Larkin with the Pivot Legal Society.

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Earlier this week the City of Maple Ridge suspended its application for an injunction against the camp.

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