Local seniors group flaunts the benefits of dancing as you age

Click to play video: 'Local seniors group flaunts the benefits of dancing as you age'
Local seniors group flaunts the benefits of dancing as you age
WATCH ABOVE: You can’t help but smile watching this group of seniors from Oliver Lodge perform. Carly Robinson reports – Jun 22, 2017

They aren’t your average performing dance group. What started a few years ago as a fun Pilates and dance class for a group of seniors living at Oliver Lodge has been delighting Saskatoon crowds ever since.

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The choice of modern music and moves for the women ranging in age from 69 to 90 years old makes the performance unique.

They call themselves “Kathy’s Cuties,” after instructor Kathy Bond.

“We have a body that ages,” Bond said. “But this appeals to the child inside of us that likes to explore space and use our imagination. That doesn’t change with age.”

The physical benefits of dance are obvious to the dancers.

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Sharon McLellan, 79, had a hip replacement two months ago and she credits staying active for her quick recovery.

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“You feel better when you go home,” said McLellan, “because of the exercise.”

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They also know it’s more than just physical fitness.

“When you get to be my age it’s good to keep the old brain working,” dancer Nancy Sparrow said before adding that remembering “what step comes next and that’s probably why it’s really good for you.”

“We know the benefits that dance does for the brain, for balance for coordination for memory,” Bond said.

“Music and dance affect a different part of the brain and helps rewire things that aren’t going straight through.”

Studies have shown frequent dancing for seniors can reduce the risk of dementia up to 75 per cent.

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Kathy Bond said this group of dancers inspires her every time she sees them and hopes they can inspire others, showing you are never too old to dance.


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