The Morning Show – Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Laurel Gregory/Global News.

Forget to set your alarm to catch The Morning Show on time? Here’s what you missed on the show today:


Apple to start sharing podcast data
Alan Cross, 102.1 Music Expert, joined The Morning Show to discuss Apple’s decision to share podcast data.

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Body Blitz Spa denies transgender woman service due to ‘male genitalia’ policy
Shelley Marshall, a Leslieville resident, shares her story of visiting Body Blitz Spa with her transgender friend was denied entry due to their ‘male genitalia’ policy.


Ottawa’s focus on aid delivery for women is smart – and will save money
Danny Glenweight, Executive Director of Action Against Hunger, joined The Morning Show to discuss.

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Liberals committed to two-tiered, privatized healthcare: NDP
France Gelinas, Ontario NDP Health and Long-term Care Critic, joined The Morning Show to discuss.


Toronto needs a single, secular school system
Marcus Gee, columnist for the Globe and Mail, joined The Morning Show to discuss his recent piece about the need for a single, secular school system.

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Faith in Canada: Global News
Farrah Nasser, Global News Anchor, joined The Morning Show to discuss the Faith Series on Global News.


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