Spike in crow attacks in Vancouver’s west end

Click to play video: 'How to handle a crow attack during nesting season' How to handle a crow attack during nesting season
People living in Vancouver’s West End are coming under attack by angry birds. Jordan Armstrong has the details on where it's happening and what you should do if you get a scare from the air – Jun 2, 2017

The odd crow attack is nothing new around Vancouver but there has been a major spike in close calls in the west end.

Friday morning saw crows attacking people walking by on Barclay Street. It is nesting season and the crows are protecting their young.

Crows could be seen swooping down on anyone walking below their nests. People were using umbrellas and putting their jackets over their heads to try to keep the birds at bay.

Langara instructor Jim O’Leary developed a map to track crow attacks in Vancouver. He says the abundance of tall, leafy trees in the west end and downtown are very attractive to the crows.

“That’s what crows like for protection,” he said. “And because there are a lot of people in that area, there’s invariably a lot of restaurants and a lot of food.”

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“And that’s what crows like.”

Experts say if you are dive-bombed by a crow, it’s best to turn around and face them, not run away.

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