Bruce Kenyon announces retirement from News Talk 770

Bruce Kenyon

Today I announced my retirement from News Talk 770. It seems right to let you know some things about my impending retirement. First off, let me say that it is my decision. I’m not being forced out. I am not retiring because I hate my job. Quite the contrary. It’s been 42 years and the time just seems kinda right.

I got into radio because I loved music. But the job became much more than that and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in 4 different markets in 3 different provinces. Along the way I met lots of great people and enjoyed all of it. (Well, almost all of it. Being unemployed for 3 months wasn’t much fun.)

WATCH BELOW: News Talk 770 Host Bruce Kenyon on the Station Celebrating 50 years

There are many people to thank that helped me along the way. Firstly, my wife who uprooted her life twice to accommodate my career. She has provided a stability and confidence that enabled me to become the announcer and person I am. Secondly, I have to thank some people in the radio business. Apologies for the inside radio line but people like Terry Strain, Bob Lang, Neil Edwards, Doug Rutherford, Doug Pringle and John Vos. All provided jobs and direction at various times in my life. Thirdly are the co-workers, too numerous to mention, that have made coming to work a pleasure. I’ve always had just as much fun off-the-air as on-the-air.

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Lastly and most importantly, you the listener. Without your support, constant feedback and loyalty, this radio career would not have been nearly as fun and fulfilling.

So, thank you.

– Bruce

PS I’m still around for a couple of months but my replacement announcement is coming soon

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