BC SPCA investigating after dog found locked and abandoned in suitcase in Richmond

Click to play video: 'Small dog found in suitcase in Richmond' Small dog found in suitcase in Richmond
Mon, May 29: A disturbing discovery in Richmond, where someone spotted a discarded suitcase that was moving. Linda Aylesworth has the story – May 29, 2017

After being locked inside a suitcase and thrown down an embankment in Richmond, Donut is one lucky dog.

The six-year-old apricot miniature poodle has the keen ears of Richmond resident Graham Barrett to thank for his rescue.

Barrett was walking his two dogs in the 9600-block of Alexandra Road on Sunday when he heard a bumping and whimpering noise. After looking down the embankment, he saw a suitcase bouncing around among the bushes.

Not knowing what was in the suitcase, he called the police and brought the suitcase home. Barrett managed to pry one of two locks off the bag and partially unzip the hard-sided suitcase a little but the noises had stopped.

Police arrived at his home quickly and were able to get the other lock off to find the grateful poodle, which they named Donut, inside.

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It is unknown how long Donut was in the suitcase. The Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) checked over Donut is providing veterinary care and shelter for him.

The BC SPCA is opening an animal cruelty investigation and says Donut did not have any dog tags or tattoos and has not been neutered. But the poodle, which is well-socialized and in good health, had been recently groomed and had a fresh grooming nick on his nose.

The SPCA is hoping someone, maybe his groomer, will be able to identify Donut.

If anyone can identify Donut or his owners please contact the BC SPCA Animal Cruelty Hotline 1-855-622-7722. And anyone interested in adopting Donut (or another animal seeking a forever home) is invited to call RAPS Shelter at 604-275-2036.

PHOTOS: Donut, the dog, found inside suitcase in Richmond ravine

Donut was very hungry after being locked in suitcase and left in a Richmond ravine. Graham Barrett
Just after Donut was rescued from a locked suitcase. Graham Barrett
The bushes in Richmond where Donut was discarded in a locked suitcase. Linda Aylesworth | Global News
Donut getting checked over after being locked in a suitcase and thrown into a ravine in Richmond. Linda Aylesworth | Global News
Donut getting some love after being locked in a suitcase and discarded in a Richmond ravine. Linda Aylesworth | Global News
Donut getting some great care at the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS). Linda Aylesworth | Global News
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Donut, an apricot poodle, was left in a suitcase in a ravine in Richmond, B.C. Linda Aylesworth | Global News

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