Exclusive Bus Lines cancels service from Selkirk to Winnipeg

The Exclusive Bus Lines route that runs from Selkirk to Winnipeg will soon no longer be running. Josh Arason / Global News

People who relied on the bus to get between Selkirk and Winnipeg will soon lose the service.

Exclusive Bus Lines announced Friday it is cancelling its route between the two cities. September 1 is the last day the buses will run.

“We wanted to try to do what we could when we picked it up to help out the community but we couldn’t make it work,” said Wade Morris, with Exclusive Bus Lines.

Exclusive had been running the route for about a year. Bus service was previously offered by Beaver Bus Lines but that company had pulled its routes in July 2016.

Morris said the decision to cancel the service came down to declining ridership and the unpredictability of the number of passengers.

A round trip ticket price varies depending on where the passenger got on the bus. From Selkirk to Winnipeg it costs $20.

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“It was not enough to justify to be able to continue it,” Morris told Global News. “It wasn’t viable to raise ticket prices.”

Morris said since Exclusive Bus Lines also offers tours and charters, there won’t be any layoffs as a result of the route cancellation.

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