Journalist Mohamed Fahmy’s incarceration in Egypt to become Hollywood movie

Journalist Mohamed Fahmy’s Egyptian incarceration to become Hollywood movie
WATCH: A case that captivated the world, award-winning journalist Mohamed Fahmy’s incarceration in an Egyptian prison is now about to be turned into a movie. As Global's Howard Cohen reports, Fahmy is now advocating for better protection of journalists and their sources in Canada.

Mohamed Fahmy is an Egyptian-born Canadian, an award-winning journalist, a war correspondent and an author.

He was arrested in Egypt on Dec. 29, 2013 along with two colleagues from Al Jazeera English, Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed.

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On 23 June 2014, Fahmy was found guilty by a Cairo Criminal Court and sentenced to seven years of incarceration at the Tora Prison, a maximum security prison.

Now that he’s free, Fahmy is using his platform to support journalists at home and abroad.

“I think that [Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau, the way that he supported me during my case, can also support journalists here in Canada,” he told Global News.

Fahmy said he is concerned as Canada has dropped four places in the RSF Annual World Press Freedom Index, to 22nd place.

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He’s calling on Trudeau’s government to support Bill S-231 to protect the confidentiality of journalistic sources.

The Prime Minister commented on issues of press freedom this month.

“We cannot ignore the censorship, intimidation, false arrests and violence that many journalists face in other parts of the world,” he said.

“Canada will continue working to promote a vibrant and free press here and abroad.”


Fahmy told Global News that a film will be made about his story.

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He’s working to get his lawyer, Amal Clooney, and actor-husband George Clooney involved, saying an “award-winning Hollywood director” has been recruited for the film.

“[It focuses on] the personal, untold stories between my colleagues and I in the cell and the two strong women that helped get me out of prison – Amal Clooney and Marwa, my wife,” Fahmy told Global News.
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He speaks about the two strong women in his book, The Marriott Cell, which describes his time in maximum security prison in Egypt.

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“There’s also an angle that shows the thousands of people who were fighting for us in Australia and Canada, and the battles at the UN, at the White House and in Ottawa,” he saidl.

“I look forward to seeing it on the screen.”

When asked whether Clooney would play him in the movie, Fahmy said he couldn’t say.

“I have spoken to George Clooney after my release over the phone and I am still in contact with Amal,” he said.

“She is aware that we are making this film. Her character is obviously very important in the script, so we will see what happens during the pre-production.”

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Fahmy sees the movie as a way to highlight the plight of detained journalists across the world.

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“Turkey remains the worst jailer worldwide. So, my colleagues and I held a sign that says ‘Free Turkey Media,’ because that’s exactly what people did for us when we were detained and it really saved our lives,” he said.

For anyone that doubts campaigns and advocacy make a difference, Fahmy says he’s living proof that they do and it’s something he wants the country and the world to never forget.