Too soon to predict summer wildfires in Nova Scotia: atmospheric scientist

A stubborn fire is pictured near Seven Mile Lake in Nova Scotia in this file photo. Government of Nova Scotia

As the days get warmer, the risk of fire is also increasing in the province – currently, most of Nova Scotia is under burn restrictions, but one meteorologist says it doesn’t mean it can be predicted just yet.

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Mike Flannigan, a meteorologist and professor in the University of Alberta’s Renewable Resources Department told The Canadian Press that if the forecast is right, we’re in for a warmer than normal summer, which will “probably” mean more fires.

But Ian Folkins, an atmospheric scientist at Dalhousie University, believes it’s too soon to make the same prediction for Nova Scotia.

“One reason is it’s a bit too early for the seasonal forecast for the summer to really have much accuracy for our area at this point,” Folkins said in an interview with Global News. “And the other reason is we don’t have as many forest fires in Nova Scotia, typically, as the West do. Our rain is more reliable than in parts of the West.”

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Folkins said that predicting the summer’s weather in Nova Scotia is “rolling dice at this point.”

Under current burn restrictions, burning is allowed between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. the following day.

With a file from The Canadian Press