April 16, 2017 11:10 am

Get off this plane!


Ever been ordered (initially politely) off a commercial flight because the airline overbooked?  After the violent ejection of Dr. David Dao from a United Airlines flight, a 120 pound woman says in 2013, following an argument with her husband, she was handcuffed and carried to the back of the plane she was flying on. And, yes, it was United Airlines.
A P.E.I. family has come forward about Air Canada indifferently tossing their 10 year old son from a family vacation flight to Costa Rica because A.C. overbooked.
I’ll be speaking with Nova Scotia musician and singer (he’s really good) Dave Carroll today.  You’ll likely remember Dave’s song United Breaks Guitars (3 versions on YouTube) because UA smashed Dave’s Martin guitar.   And have you experienced being bumped from a commercial flight, or had other adventures with airlines?  We’ll open the phone lines.

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Scott Smith is an Ontario teen who developed a lauded anti-bullying program in Grade 5 while being bullied and living with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Scott has been lauded in parliament by his MP David Tilson.  Scott’s anti bullying program is being used by several schools in Ontario.  There is additional interest from Saskatchewan, Alberta, Kentucky and Colorado schools.  Yet, when Scott three times contacted Ontario Minister of Education Mitzie Hunter the Minister couldn’t be bothered to reply to Scott.  Not even with a standard form letter.  I’ll speak with Scott and his dad Steve.

Angus Reid polling shows Canadians prioritize border security over aid to those crossing illegally.  Shachi Kurl, Angus Reid VP joins us with details.  Politicians (Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, Philip Couillard, Mitzie Hunter and more) have publicly spoken about racism being an increasing problem in Canada.  So, are Canadians who prioritize border security over aid to those who enter Canada illegally racist?  The answer?  Is it yes?  Is it no?  Will a politician point at the poll as an example of growing racism in Canada? We’ll talk.

Derek and Frances Baard had their foster parent licence revoked through the Children’s Aid Society in Hamilton, Ontario because as devout Christians they refused to lie to their foster children and claim the Easter Bunny is real.  I spoke with a very disappointed and determined Derek Baard yesterday and will play back the interview today.  Has anyone reading this had an encounter with Children’s Aid or Children’s Services which showed them to be arrogant and bullying?  There is an online film about Ontario CAS titled Powerful as God.  The CAS tried to stop it from being posted online.  I was shocked by what I saw and spoke to the producer on air.

At least one doctor commits suicide each day.  Why Are Doctors Killing Themselves is the book by Canadian psychiatrist Dr. Michael Myers who joins us to speak about doctors taking their own lives in alarming numbers.

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