Argentine cop badly injured in car crash gives birth while in a coma

WATCH ABOVE: Argentine police officer Amelia Bannan, who is still showing signs of a coma, holds her newborn baby Santino

Her family is calling it a miracle. An Argentine police officer whose baby was delivered while she was in a coma has apparently begun to come out of the coma, her relatives say.

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On Nov. 1, Amelia Bannan was five months pregnant as she headed to a police course in a car driven by her partner when the car slid off the road. Bannan’s partner told local media that Bannan had had a dream just a day before the accident that the car would roll over.

The other four officers in the car walked away uninjured but Bannan suffered a skull fracture that resulted in a blood clot in her brain, according to local media.

She was hospitalized in a coma and baby Santino was delivered in Madariaga Hospital on Christmas Eve. At 34 weeks gestation, the baby weighed 1.89 kilos (4.16 pounds) and was in good health, family said.

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Relatives have been visiting her regularly, talking to her and giving her time with Santino.

More than three months later, the family says Amelia is coming out of the coma.

In video shared to Reuters, Bannan can be seen holding Santino. Family members say she has been able to respond to simple requests by saying, “yes” and “no.”

The doctors say the case is unusual but Bannan’s surprising progress has given them hope she will recover fully and be able to watch Santino grow up.

“She keeps surprising us,” neurosurgeon Marcelo Ferreira says. “We hope that at some point, we will be able to see her walking holding her son’s hand.”