Plans unveiled for Sandy Beach development but not everyone on board in Hudson

The Pine Beach project would include more than 300 residential units. Town of Hudson

It is slated to include more than 300 residences split between townhouses, condo units and single family homes, and Hudson officials say it will generate about $500,000 a year.

Plans are now on the table for what the new Pine Beach development could look like. Hudson officials say residents should be pleased — the project is less than half the size it was originally, and access to the Sandy Beach area is being expanded.

But residents like Bob Wiltshire told Global News the project would ruin the green space in the park-like lakeside area where the project is slated to go. “It’s not a good idea to build on a flood plain,” he said.

Developing the Sandy Beach area is a controversial topic in the town that has dragged on for more than 15 years. The land is privately owned, but the town has secured guarantees from the developer to allow public access to the beach.

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Initial plans called for more than 700 units. But after public outcry and negotiations with the town, the developer, Nicanco Holdings, scaled back.

The beach access is a concession the developer of Pine Beach has agreed to expand. Billy Shields/Global News

While residents like Wiltshire say they’re against the development, they concede there’s little that can be done at this point to stop the development outright — the developer both owns the land and has secured the zoning rights. Currently there’s no timetable for when development would start.

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