March 24, 2017 1:12 pm

A mom picking up her children and a police officer among London’s latest victims


Their killer was known to police and had been investigated as a potential threat.  We now know his malevolence tore the life from a mother picking up her child from school and a 15 year veteran London police officer.  Several dozen more were injured and many required hospital treatment.

Because one individual with a car and a knife decided to give vent to his rage.

What can we do? That’s been repeated more than once in the past 72 hours as the “how do we stop this” question was asked.

We’ll talk this weekend.

If Canadians outside government had voted on M.103, the so-called anti-Islamophobia motion would not have made it through parliament.  So says an Angus Reid national poll.  I’ll be speaking with a VP of Angus Reid about the poll and we’ll include your calls.

Also up for your calls and views, I’ll speak with a Mom who has decided against vaccinating her child and who has heard vicious things directed her way.  This Mom will take calls.

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With the U.S. ending funding and support for global warming initiatives of the U.N. what now?  Can these climate initiatives of the U.N. survive without American funding?  Quite possibly not.  Then what happens to the planet?  We’ll either find out the fears of climate change were well-founded, or, that the entire issue was a hoax.  There is no middle ground, eh?

And driving your child so hard because of his athletic skills that by the time he’s a teen the young man is facing a serious medical issue and can barely walk onto a practice field.   A disturbing story of a father living vicariously through the athletic skills of his son.   Anyone else experience that?  Parents who believe their son/daughter is the “next Great One!”

There’s much to talk about this weekend.  Call in to 800.263.2428



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