Manitoba’s flood forecast rated as moderate to major: Province

WINNIPEG — Manitoba’s risk of flooding this spring remains at moderate to major across the province, although the risk of overland flooding has “slightly reduced” since February.

“The Souris River Basin continues to be of concern while favourable weather conditions have eased expected flows in the Red River Basin,” Infrastructure Minister Blaine Pedersen said Friday during the spring flood update.

Watersheds in southwestern Manitoba are at major risk of flooding, although it is still dependent on the weather in the weeks to come.

The Pembina River, Roseau River, and Assiniboine River all fall in the moderate to major risk category for spring flooding. The Fisher River and Red River are at a moderate risk while the Winnipeg River is at a major risk.

Dauphin Lake also remains a concern even if the weather in the following weeks remains normal. The province said even with unfavourable weather conditions the lake could rise more than a foot and a half above the flood stage.

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The Red River Floodway and the Portage Diversion are expected to be activated during the spring runoff.

Friday’s update comes about a month after the province delivered its last outlook in which officials said Manitoba is at major risk of flooding.

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During the previous flood forecast there was a risk of closing Highway 75 near the U.S. border. Pedersen said today that the risk of having to close the highway are now low.

Infrastructure Minister Blaine Pedersen, assistant deputy minister of water management Doug McMahon, and Fisaha Unduche, hydrologic forecasting and coordination director provided the update.

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