Suspended PC campaign manager Alan Hallman charged with assault

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Suspended PC campaign manager Alan Hallman charged with assault
Suspended PC campaign manager Alan Hallman charged with assault – Mar 18, 2017

Former Progressive Conservative manager Alan Hallman was arrested and charged with one count of assault after an incident at the PC leadership convention in Calgary Friday night.

Police responded to reports of a disturbance at the Telus Convention Centre at around 11 p.m.

When police arrived, on-site security had detained one person. Police confirm it was Alan Hallman.

Police said Hallman was arrested and charged with one count of common assault and released “by way of promise to appear in court.”

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Duncan Kinney, executive director of Progress Alberta, said he was standing close to where the incident happened.

“A man was on the ground in handcuffs surrounded by security guards, surrounded by a group of people. There was a broken watch on the ground, people were angry. Eventually I learned that the man was Alan Hallman,” Kinney said. “It’s an interesting story. Holman is a well-known political operative. He was banned from or suspended from the PC party for a year for a piece of online behaviour. I think it’s probably an interesting and questionable decision that he showed up at the convention and apparently he was asked to be removed by someone.”

“According to conversations that I witnessed between security guards and police, he took a swing at a security guard and that is what led to him being charged with assault,” Kinney said. “Certainly does take away from the unity message. I think having one of your former campaign manager’s take a swing at a security guard on the eve of your vote, on the eve of really what’s supposed to be a coronation of Jason Kenney here at the PC leadership convention.”

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Saturday, the Paulsen Group released the following statement regarding Hallman: “Alan Hallman acknowledges that an unfortunate police involved altercation occurred last evening at or near the PC leadership convention.  Hallman regrets any inconvenience or upset that may have resulted from this incident.  However, he commits to full cooperation with all involved to ensure a speedy and appropriate resolution to this matter.”

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In January, Hallman was banished from the Alberta PC party for a year for offensive posts on social media says he is filing paperwork Wednesday asking he be reinstated.

The ban included all membership events during that time including Delegate Selection Meetings and the Leadership Convention. It also includes a suspension on accessing party data.

Hallman had been a key organizer on Jason Kenney’s campaign for party leader.

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