People keep stealing plants from Point Pleasant Park: committee chair

Click to play video 'People keep stealing plants from Point Pleasant Park: committee chair' People keep stealing plants from Point Pleasant Park: committee chair
WATCH: A Halifax committee chair says she wants visitors to be aware through a potential campaign that they’re not supposed to take plants from Point Pleasant Park. Global’s Steve Silva reports – Mar 12, 2017

The Point Pleasant Park Advisory Committee is proposing a public awareness campaign to get people to stop taking plants from the eponymous park.

“We want them to understand that it’s important that you take nothing from the park, and you leave nothing in the park,” Paula Minnikin, the committee’s chair, said on Friday.

She said that three people on the board have seen people removing plants, at times including roots, which suggests “an awful lot of it has to be happening that we don’t know about.”

Earlier in the month, the committee passed a motion that recommends councillors on Halifax and West Community Council request a staff report on the campaign, which would entail installing “Do Not Pick the Plants” signs in the park, along with print and online advertising.

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Minnikin said the council will consider the recommendation during its Mar. 22 meeting, and she hopes the campaign could start by the coming spring.

A long-term effort is to “simplify things,” she said, adding that it seems like there are too many rules in the park: “Let’s make this easy to understand.”

Tiffany Chase, a spokesperson for the municipal government, said there is a bylaw that prohibits removing flora and fauna from parks, and breaking that could resort in a penalty.

“They would be subject to a ticket, which is in the range of $237. Certainly, we just ask people to be reasonable, respect the parks as they are, come in and enjoy them, but don’t remove materials from them,” she said.

Municipal data on potential tickets given out due to that prohibition were not available on Friday.

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Minnikin said there are plants in the park that were planted by settlers and, once they’re removed, they would not be brought back because they are technically an invasive species.

“The fact that they’re here, it’s kind of nice. You walk by and you think, ‘Wow, the people who planted those plants planted them more than 200 years ago; how cool is that?’ But if you take them, they’re never going to be there again,” she said.


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