Learning about Canada in the kitchen

Click to play video: 'Learning about Canada in the kitchen' Learning about Canada in the kitchen
Learning about Canada in the kitchen – Mar 8, 2017

While it is said the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach, sharing food also helps build community.

To help connect newcomers and assist them learning the language and ways in Canada, the Kelowna Salvation Army and Kelowna Community Resources have paired up in the kitchen.

Every Tuesday, a group is introduced to a new recipe by a local chef of diversity.

The participants learn the recipe, build community and share a meal.

“It is really fun to see how they’re interacting, how they’re laughing at each other, how they’re learning words and how they’re actually tasting food that they may not have tasted before,” said Salvation Army Spokesperson Patty Lou Bryant.

About a dozen people gather at the Sally Ann kitchen to help cook and then eat what they have learned to prepare together.

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“So that people can understand they’re different, but they’re very similar,” Bryant said. “We all eat. We all love to sit down and laugh over a meal. We all love the flavours of certain things.”

The program is looking for funding to continue.

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