Donald Trump brands mainstream media ‘enemy of the American people’

Click to play video: 'Trump takes aim at media, tweets they’re ‘enemy of the people’'
Trump takes aim at media, tweets they’re ‘enemy of the people’
WATCH ABOVE: US President Trump took to Twitter Friday to attack the mainstream media in a series of tweets – Feb 17, 2017

President Donald Trump doesn’t appear to be in the mood to tone down his feud with some of the United States’ most important news media outlets.

Trump posted a tweet Friday calling out the “failing” New York Times, CNN and NBC News for propagating “fake news“. He then deleted the tweet and issued a new one, making room for ABC and CBS.

A couple of hours later, he posted a second tweet criticizing mainstream media coverage of his Thursday press conference, a freewheeling affair during which he lambasted journalists for being dishonest and accused them of deliberately misrepresenting the facts to hurt his administration.

During that press conference, Trump taunted and bullied reporters, dismissed facts and then cracked a few caustic jokes – a combination that once made the candidate irresistible cable TV fodder. Now in office, he went even further, blaming the media for all but sinking his not-yet-launched attempt to “make a deal” with Moscow.

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A few hours after the press conference, Trump supporters received an email asking them to fill out an online survey about media bias. Respondents were asked to share their thoughts on an array of Trump’s widely articulated grievances about the mainstream media.

Trump has repeatedly accused the political press of being dishonest and suggested any negative coverage of his administration was “fake news”.

WATCH: Trump lashes out mainstream media again
Click to play video: 'Trump lashes out mainstream media again'
Trump lashes out mainstream media again

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