Coquitlam cougar not afraid to get up close and personal with pets

Click to play video: 'Brazen cougars prompt warnings'
Brazen cougars prompt warnings
ABOVE: Conservation officers in the Coquitlam area have issued warning to the public after at least two cougars were spotted in residential areas. The usually shy animals have been spotted in yards and on trails – Feb 17, 2017

Residents of Coquitlam should be on the lookout for at least one bold cougar that isn’t so shy of humans and pets.

Several cougar sightings in the Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam area have some locals on edge, especially due to the cat’s unusual nature.

“It has been bold and not really having much issue showing itself to people,” said conservation officer Shawn McNaughton. “It’s a bit indifferent to showing itself to humans and going so far as approaching some pets.”

The above photos were taken as one cougar prowled through someone’s backyard. Several paw impressions were also left behind during a recent snowfall.

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While there could be more than one cougar, conservation officers are focused on one in particular.

Dog owners are being advised to keep their pets on a leash and those with young children are also being urged to stay cautious.

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