February 16, 2017 10:36 pm

Trump campaign sends ‘Mainstream Media Accountability Survey’ to supporters

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President Donald Trump‘s supporters are being asked to fill out a survey about media bias and accountability.

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The Mainstream Media Accountability Survey showed up online hours after a freewheeling press conference in which Trump, for the umpteenth time, lambasted journalists for dishonest and biased reporting.

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Trump  repeatedly accused the political press of being dishonest and suggested that any negative coverage of his administration was “fake news.” He unloaded a torrent of grievances while positioning himself as the stand-in for the everyman, who, he declared, hates and distrusts reporters as much as he does.

“The press – the public doesn’t believe you people anymore. Now, maybe I had something to do with that. I don’t know. But they don’t believe you,” Trump charged.

“But you’ve got to be at least a little bit fair, and that’s why the public sees it. They see it. They see it’s not fair. You take a look at some of your shows and you see the bias and the hatred.”

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The survey begins by asking respondents to compare their level of trust for CNN, which Trump has repeatedly labelled a fake news organization, MSNBC and Fox News; they are then asked to identify the issues that mainstream media outlets do the worst job of covering. Options include immigration, religion and pro-life values. 

Respondents are then quizzed about a range of other grievances, including whether they believe the mainstream media intentionally creates feuds within the Republican Party, does fact-checking when reporting on the Trump administration, and “uses slurs rather than facts” to attack conservative positions on various issues.

Once respondents fill out the poll, they are encouraged to make a donation to “help us fight back against the media’s attacks and deceptions.”

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The survey was emailed to supporters, who were urged to “do your part to fight back against the media’s attacks and deceptions,” according to the Boston Globe

“Over these next four years, our movement will be subjected to some of the nastiest attacks you can imagine. That’s why I’ve made it a point to cut through the media noise and go straight to the American people,” the email read. 

Trump has previously accused the media of lying about the size of crowds at his presidential inauguration, fostering a feud between him and the CIA and ignoring Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe.

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