February 12, 2017 12:07 pm
Updated: February 12, 2017 1:05 pm

‘SNL’ takes Donald Trump to the ‘People’s Court’ over travel ban

WATCH: Alec Baldwin returns to "Saturday Night Live" as U.S. President Donald Trump as he challenges the federal judges who decided the travel ban was unlawful on "The People's Court."


Alec Baldwin donned his President Donald Trump disguise while hosting this week’s Saturday Night Live to take Trump’s travel ban to the “People’s Court.”

The ban, which was instated by Trump’s executive order in January, was overturned by a Federal judge in Seattle. The Justice Department then took the decision to the Federal Court of Appeals, which upheld the stop on the ban Thursday.

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Trump took exception to their ruling, saying he would “SEE YOU IN COURT.”

So Saturday Night Live took him to court, in a mock-TV courtroom.

“He’s asking for broad, unchecked power,” the narrator says as Baldwin walks in.

The three judges are accused of allowing “bad hombres” into the country, the narrator continues, also accusing them of “I guess, knowing the constitution…?”

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Baldwin, in true Trump fashion, insulted the judges, labelling them as “so-called judges,” despite their credentials – the same insult Trump used on Twitter to describe the judge who first overturned the ban.

Vladimir Putin, played by Beck Bennet, also shows up to serve as Trump’s character witness.

“This man is a great friend,” Bennet said. “He’d do anything for you, go against his own country just to make you happy.”

Before the TV judge is able to make a ruling, Baldwin offers to settle it out of court, making way for the next case: Trump vs. a Nordstrom manager, referencing Trump’s recent battle with the department store which chose to pull his daughter Ivanka’s fashion line from its stores.

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The sketch was only one of many political skits on the episode.

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