‘It’s hard to walk around:’ Winnipeggers urging dog owners to clean up

Dog owners said people are getting lazy, and not cleaning up after their pets. Shelden Rogers/Global News

WINNIPEG — Dog owners are out enjoying the warmer temperatures in Winnipeg, but according to some dog parks, and pedestrians, a lot of people aren’t cleaning up after their pets.

President of Kilcona Park Dog Club Donna Henry has issued an open letterĀ asking all dog owners in the city, to start taking responsibility when their dogs poop in public.

“We are trying to let people know it can’t be the eight people on the board cleaning up. This is a community project,” Henry said.

Dog droppings are scattered throughout Kilcona Park now that some snow has melted. Dog owners said people are getting lazy because of the colder temperatures.

“You aren’t looking at your dog, you’re looking at where you’re walking,” he added.

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It’s not just in dog parks that Winnipeggers are noticing the problem. People using the Assiniboine walking trail said dog droppings are everywhere you look.

“It’s hard to walk around,” Diana McNeil said. “We need to start issuing fines, to let people know it’s not tolerable.”

Dog bags are available for anyone to use on the trail, and garbage bins are scattered throughout.

In 2014 Kilcona park had to conduct an emergency cleaning because it was so dirty. Complimentary bags are now available for anyone to use, to clean up after their dogs.

“The bag dispensers have made a big improvement,” Henry said.

The dog club won’t be conducting another emergency clean up, and Henry said it’s up to dog owners to keep the area clean, with spring on the way.

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