Consumer burned by rewards card’s ‘inactivity rule’

CALGARY- Those who collect rewards points know the motto all too well: use them, or lose them.

It turns out that with programs like Air Miles and Aeroplan, not only is there an expiry date, but there is also an inactivity rule.

Calgary’s Tim Harty thought he had 3,000 Air Miles in his account, but hadn’t used his card in two years due to a family tragedy and a personal illness.

He was unaware there was a two-year inactivity rule, but found out the hard way when all of his points were erased.

“I will do what it takes, what is necessary, to get my points back that I worked so hard for,” Harty says.

Harty has been offered 500 points back, but was told he has to buy the rest at $0.15 per point.

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“The programs don’t advertise it freely,” warns Patrick Sojka from Rewards Canada. “It’s set in stone…but it’s definitely not advertised.”

Air Miles states that they may terminate your enrollment and/or cancel your reward miles and rewards if you become bankrupt, commit a fraud or misrepresent any information.

The inactivity period for Aeroplan is one year.
Do you think customer rewards points should ever expire?

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