Winnipeggers choosing to thrive in winter weather instead of hibernate

Click to play video 'Winnipeg hit with winter storm' Winnipeg hit with winter storm
WATCH: Winnipeggers endure a winter storm that hit the city in early December. – Dec 7, 2016

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg may be under an extreme cold warning, but that does not stop many from going outdoors.

Fort Whyte Alive tells Global News it had 19 people out for a snowshoe in the moonlight Thursday night, when it felt like -38 with the wind.

“You have to a little bit tough, but more than anything else it’s about just dressing for the weather,” Kaylyn Murdock, Fort Whyte Alive Group Services Coordinator said.

Fort Whyte Alive says the bitter cold didn’t deter 19 Winnipeggers from a Thursday night snowshoe. Fort Whyte Alive

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Murdock suggests a good pair of long underwear, good socks and boots, and a hood over top of the toque.

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“I find a lot of times people say ‘you can do that, you like being cold.’ No one likes being cold.  The main thing is being dressed so you’re not cold when you’re outside,” Murdock said.

Although the frigid weather may be a usual occurrence for man living in Winnipeg, many other cities  have taken a stab at the conditions.

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Gordon Giesbrecht is a Professor of Thermophysiology at the University of Manitoba and he said there’s no reason to stay inside when it’s frigid temperatures, but you do need to dress smart.

“One thing is, never accept numbness. If your fingers and toes are numb, that’s a warning that pretty soon you will be at risk of frostbite. If you’re numb you have to do something,” said Giesbrecht.

Whether it’s grocery shopping, going to the gym, or keeping hair appointments, many Manitoban’s said life must go on, no matter the temperature.