Alberta launches program offering green grants to non-profit groups

Carbon tax relief for charities
WATCH ABOVE: Given the economic times -- charities have to be more fiscally conservative than ever before. The introduction of the carbon tax only added to those pressures. But as Jill Croteau reports a one million dollar investment will help charities offset those costs.

The Alberta government is launching a grant program to help non-profit agencies and volunteer groups move to a green economy.

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips announced Friday that $1 million is being made available to help those groups do energy efficiency audits and prioritize where they can make changes to save money.

Phillips says when making those changes, the groups will also be eligible for rebates and incentives for high-efficiency products.

“We are ensuring that non-profit organizations across the province are in a position to successfully transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Phillips.

She said the program, “will mean that non-profits have the tools and the supports that they need to lower their operations’ costs (and) have the information they need to confidently invest in energy efficiency upgrades or modifications to make sure they’re making the right choices at the right time.”

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Details, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, will be provided in the coming weeks.

Costs are rising for all consumers in Alberta under the new carbon tax, increasing the cost of gasoline and heating bills.

Gas is up 4.5 cents a litre and natural gas is up $1.011 a gigajoule.

Watch below: What will Alberta’s new carbon tax cost you? 

What will Alberta’s carbon tax cost you?
What will Alberta’s carbon tax cost you?

The province estimates the tax will cost the average family $443 this year. Opposition critics say that figure is low and the true impact could be double that or more once other agencies pass their carbon costs on to customers.

The province says two-thirds of Alberta families, those in the middle and low-income brackets, are eligible for partial or full rebates.