New Year’s resolutions for 2017 and how to keep them

New Year’s resolutions for 2017 and how to keep them

WINNIPEG — Making a new year’s resolution can be quite easy, but keeping it can be the difficult task.

In 2017, many people say they have the same resolution as they’v tried for every year: getting fit and staying or being healthy.

The owners at WPG Cycle said they meet a lot of these resolution makers at their studio in January.

“The first few weeks there’s always that big rush through the door. I think most people can get about 10 days in and then you start to see the drop off,” said Jamie Murray, the Co-Owner of WPG Cycle.

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But, Murray said it’s how you go about making a resolution, or rather a life changing goal for yourself, that will be the deciding factor on if you keep it.

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“We’re big believers in not making a resolution. Just making a commitment to yourself to be well, to be healthier. Just changing in whatever that change is that you want,” said Murray.

He said it isn’t impossible to keep a goal or a resolution, and offers some suggestions on how to go about sticking to them all year round.

  • Create a schedule where you fit in time for working out
  • Prepare meals ahead of time
  • Try to work out with friends or family so you have someone to hold you accountable