Another rally held for those opposing Alberta carbon tax

Click to play video: 'Alberta carbon tax: job killer or job creator?' Alberta carbon tax: job killer or job creator?
WATCH ABOVE: The Alberta NDP government’s carbon tax: will it help you find a job? Gary Bobrovitz talks to unemployed Calgarians about the upcoming legislation – Dec 12, 2016

A rally organized by TheRebel Media was held in downtown Calgary at the Westin Hotel for Albertans protesting carbon tax.

It’s the third time an anti-carbon tax rally has been held, with the most recent being at the Alberta legislature last weekend, which caused quite the stir.

Watch below: Families are about to face higher costs due to the Alberta NDP’s carbon tax legislation taking effect in January. Tony Tighe has a reminder of how much it will cost, how much you’ll get back and how to save money.

Click to play video: '3 weeks to Alberta carbon tax: how to save money' 3 weeks to Alberta carbon tax: how to save money
3 weeks to Alberta carbon tax: how to save money – Dec 12, 2016

The crowd chanted “lock her up” as Conservative leadership hopeful Chris Alexander spoke about Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s energy policy at an Edmonton rally.

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More than a thousand people showed up to the rally in Calgary, at times chanting and calling out when the speakers hit the stage.

The carbon tax is set to take effect in the new year and is being touted by the NDP as a way to fight climate change and reduce the province’s carbon footprint.

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Conservative party leader candidates Kellie Leitch, Brad Trost and Chris Alexander along with MLA Derek Fildebrandt were on hand and say they believe the carbon tax and NDP policies are putting Albertans out of work.

At the beginning of the rally, the organizer encouraged people to point out anyone who is from the NDP party.

Ezra Levant, from TheRebel Media, said over the podium, “If there’s an NDP dirty trickster here, I will pay you $500 cash for their identity. If you’re the NDP dirty trickster yourself, I’m not paying you.”

A group called The Raging Grannies were kicked out of the event by security.

The group help a sign and sung “O Canada” in the hallway before being told to leave.

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Rebel Media, which is run by right-wing political commentator Ezra Levant, was denied access to government press conference earlier this year because it wasn’t considered a news organization. Rebel Media fought back for the right to cover politics and the ban was rescinded. The situation triggered a debate over what constitutes journalism in the digital era.

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The NDP government estimates the tax will cost an average family about $500 a year by 2018 and about $960 by 2030.

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