‘Bachelorette Canada’ couple Jasmine and Kevin break silence, new ‘Bachelor Canada’ season announced

‘The Bachelorette Canada’: Jasmine And Kevin Speak Out
WATCH: 'The Bachelorette Canada' couple Kevin Wendt and Jasmine Lorimer explain why they've been absent.

Last week’s The Bachelorette Canada finale was a doozy, and it left many viewers with a lot of questions — especially when show publicists cancelled all interviews with the new couple, Jasmine Lorimer and Kevin Wendt, without explanation.

Many were left wondering what happened after After the Final Rose, and now ET Canada has secured the only interview with Lorimer and Wendt. In the brief discussion, the pair explains their absence and why they’ve chosen to step away from the spotlight.

Lorimer selected Wendt, 32, over his co-finalist, 28-year-old Mikhel Sickand, who many viewers thought would win the bachelorette’s hand.

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Audiences sided with Sickand after Lorimer visited the homes and families of the final three suitors, and his family absolutely loved her. It was in stark contrast to her visit to Wendt’s home, where she was berated and antagonized by his mother.

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In the so-called Fantasy Suite episode — where the couple spends their “first night” together — Lorimer and Wendt had an argument, and he left the Suite in a snit.

“It’s hard for him knowing there’s another man in my life,” admitted Lorimer in last Tuesday’s finale. “He walked out on me. And even though he came back and made it right, it brought up old fears. I can’t be with someone if I’m always afraid they’re going to leave.”

In the new interview with ET Canada, Lorimer admits why the couple cancelled all interviews post-finale, and it seems that the public (and perhaps familial) reaction to her choice weighed heavily on the pair.

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“It was hard to go through that evening,” said Lorimer to ET Canada host Roz Weston. “The finale is supposed to be a really positive time, but it’s emotional for us. The reactions from people made it really hard. We realized we really needed time to connect with each other and disconnect with everything else.”

ET Canada also announced that The Bachelor Canada is coming back for another season, and casting for the show is starting up on Thurs., Dec. 1. Canadian men and women from coast-to-coast are welcome to apply.

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Jasmine And Kevin Pick ‘The Bachelor Canada’
Jasmine And Kevin Pick ‘The Bachelor Canada’

Full details of the audition process can be found at W Network’s Bachelor Canada website.

The Bachelorette Canada was a colossal hit, resonating with fans across the country, and we’re excited to continue that momentum with The Bachelor Canada,” said John MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Women and Lifestyle Content, Corus Entertainment.

Production on The Bachelor Canada will begin in Spring 2017, with the series currently set to air in Fall 2017.

You can watch the clip of the full interview with Jasmine and Kevin in the video above.