Langley woman capitalizes on Hatchimal craze to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital

Morgan Green, ebay

Hatchimals may be one of the hottest Christmas presents this year, but one Langley woman hopes auctioning off the latest holiday craze will bring some much-needed funds for the BC Children’s Hospital.

Morgan Green has been a long-time supporter of the hospital and has raised thousands of dollars through her photography, but this year, she is using a Hatchimal to spike people’s interest in donating.

Each Hatchimal comes ensconced inside an egg-shaped capsule that has to be rubbed and patted before the toy gradually begins to ‘hatch’ its way out.

Once the Hatchimal is liberated from its egg case, children can raise and feed the creature and teach it how to walk and talk. Over a period of weeks, it grows from baby to child to adult, at which point it becomes capable of sophisticated interactions such as game-playing.

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The concept may be alluring for parents and kids alike, but Hatchimals are practically impossible to come by in brick-and-mortar stores or online this holiday season.

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Eagle-eyed online resellers have been quick to take advantage, with seven-pack Hatchimal sets being offered for over $2,500 on eBay Canada. The toys were priced at $59.99 each when they first hit the market on Oct. 7.

That’s how much Green paid for the toy when she was out shopping in Lynnwood, Washington a couple of weeks ago.

Green does not have any children of her own, but when she was tipped by a store employee about just how popular the toys are, she decided to grab a few for her friends’ kids.

“My girlfriends were shocked because you can’t find them anywhere. It was a parenting win and I don’t even have kids!”

After coming back home and seeing all the news stories about Hatchimals being re-sold for profit, Green realized she could use the Hatchimal craze to raise money for a cause that’s been near and dear to her heart for years.

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Green was a patient at BC Children’s herself.

“I was fortunate, I was only there for a day to get some tests done,” said Green. “But as I started getting older, my friends started having kids and the reality of things that can happen to kids became apparent. So it hits close to home. I don’t have children myself, but you never know, one day you may really need the hospital.”

So on Wednesday, Green decided to create an eBay auction for a spare Hatchimal she bought to see how many people would bid on it. The most current bid stands at just over $80, but Green hopes people will bid as much as $500.

“It’s the time of the year to give back to the community,” said Green, adding she hopes the unusual lot will help garner lots of interest.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation philanthropy assistant Jenny Park says it’s a very different type of fundraising from what they normally see people do, but is a fresh take on getting more donations.

“Hatchimals are in such a high demand, this is very creative,” said Park.

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