Rodents basking in unusually warm Winnipeg weather

The warm fall has given rodents more time to prepare for winter. Sean Leslie/Global News

WINNIPEG – The unseasonable warm weather has given rodents more time to get into Winnipeg homes.

The extended period of above-seasonal temperatures has given mice, vols and rats several more weeks of ideal conditions.

“It is a very banner year for rodents,” said Taz Stuart, director of technical operations for Poulin’s Pest Control.

Stuart has is receiving an unusual amount of rodent calls for this late in the year.

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“All a mouse needs to get in is little the size of your finger the size of a dime, so if you got several they’re sign to move in quite quickly, rats a little bigger, size of a quarter,” he said.

The late-season calls he’s getting aren’t confined to one specific part of the city and houses in new areas like Sage Creek are susceptible because native rodent populations are still thriving.

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Often, homeowners learn of rodent problem when they spot droppings but it’s important those droppings are cleaned up properly, said Stuart.

“Dust mask on your face and proper protective equipment to protect yourself,” he said while describing how to avoid potential health issues like hantavirus which can be present in deer mouse droppings.

This warm spell may also cause the rodent population to grow next year because of the extended period of optimal conditions.

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