Montreal analyst dissects results of U.S. election

Post-election analysis
WATCH ABOVE: Rafael Jacob from the Center for U.S. politics at UQAM joins Laura Casella to offer an analysis of the presidential election in the U.S.

Montreal political analyst Rafael Jacob pulled an all nighter Tuesday to Wednesday, appearing on Global News Morning to discuss the results of the U.S. Election

After a historic campaign, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States.

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“The Republican National Committee’s own modeling as late as last night pointed to Donald Trump losing Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,” he said.

“Guess what? He swept all of those states.”

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In the past, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared to be on good terms with President Barack Obama, but there could be some impact felt with a newly elected president.

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“It’s going to be tricky. Specifically free trade, the Trump position is different from both Republican and Democratic party orthodoxy,” Jacob said.

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“It’s probably going to put the Canadian government in an unusual position of actually having to push the core principle of free trade, which Trump has been opposed to from the get-go.”

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Heading into election night, it appeared as though Trump was trailing Hillary Clinton.

Contrary to what polls indicated, Trump was able to win key states to secure the win.

In the end, important states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio turned red.

“Not only were the polls wrong at the national level, they were wrong at the state level as well,” Jacob said.

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“We haven’t seen anything like this in our lifetime.”