Leadership Series: Karina LeBlanc

Karina LeBlanc, recently retired Olympic and professional athlete, is the fourth leader to take part in our Leadership Series, presented by Global News and CKNW.

LeBlanc’s special will be broadcast on BC1 and CKNW on Dec. 2, 3 and 4. Details here.

Karina LeBlanc’s bio:

Karina LeBlanc is a recently retired Olympic and professional athlete who has had the honour of being the longest serving soccer player for Canada, playing for nearly 18 years. She has been a part of five World Cups and two Olympics, winning a Bronze Medal in London in 2012.

Soccer was her platform to realizing her greater purpose in life.

Her energy is contagious and she loves to ensure that everyone around her truly enjoys what they’re doing as she challenges people to LIVE LIFE PURPOSEFULLY and being the best version of themselves daily.

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A UNICEF ambassador, motivational speaker, broadcaster, on-air personality, host and emcee, she can entertain and motivate any crowd, while including humor.

This summer she was an Olympics Analyst with CBC and Yahoo! during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She thrives on bringing the best out of people, getting them excited, and getting them involved in every aspect of what’s going on both on or off the field.

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