Winnipeg man says house stolen in fraud scheme

Click to play video 'Winnipeg man says house stolen in fraud scheme' Winnipeg man says house stolen in fraud scheme

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg man says he owned a house that was sold without him even knowing about it.

The property in the North End was inherited by David Sinclair and his cousin, said Sinclair.

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He said when he called the city to make arrangements for property tax payments in January he was told his name wasn’t on the title.

“I phoned them up and they told me my name wasn’t on the title anymore and I just was totally stunned,” Sinclair said.

He contacted Winnipeg Police in February and they began an investigation.

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Police identified three suspects and arrested two of them in April including Sinclair’s cousin. Both are facing four fraud-related charges including identity fraud, and forgery.

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“I own a house, the next minute I don’t own a house, you know, how would you feel?”

The third suspect died before he could be arrested. He is believed to be the one who posed as Sinclair and forged his signature.

The provincial property registry is aware there is a dispute over the ownership of the property but is not commenting further.