Dogs seized from Chinese meat market headed to Nova Scotia

. Facebook/Litters N Critters

A Halifax animal rescue society is looking for help trying to rehabilitate dogs they say were recently seized from a Chinese meat market.

Litters n’ Critters is a volunteer, not-for-profit group that works to rescue all breeds of dogs. Shelley Cunningham, president of the group, told Global News more than 100 dogs were seized from a meat market and are now in need of homes.

Cunningham can not confirm where the seizure took place, or if it was in Canada. She is currently working with another humane animal rescue society and expects to release more details in the coming days.

Cunningham says all the dogs seized weigh less than 25 pounds and have each led “a horrific life.” She is working to bring two of the dogs to Nova Scotia and is looking for people who have experience with troubled dogs to help foster them.

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Experience is necessary, because Cunningham says she has no idea what the dogs will be like once they arrive — it’s unknown if the animals have ever had any meaningful human interaction or if they’ve been caged their entire lives.

Cunningham says this is a situation her organization has never had to deal with. If homes can be found for the first two dogs, she will try to bring more dogs to the province to be rehabilitated.

“More fosters mean we are able to help rehab these dogs,” said Cunningham. “We can save more dogs.”

It’s expected the dogs will arrive in Halifax by mid-November.

Anyone interested in learning more information about fostering a dog is encouraged to visit the Litters n’ Critters Facebook page for details.