Halloween safety tips for kids and drivers

WATCH: Safety tips for both parents and drivers for Halloween night.

WINNIPEG — As people across the province get into the Halloween spirit, CAA Manitoba is sharing some tips on how to keep your kids safe on the big night.

“Trick-or-treating is exciting, and kids may not look or wait to cross the street on Halloween night. Drivers should be extra mindful and ready to stop or yield,” said Erika Miller with CAA Manitoba.

“We encourage families to teach their kids about road safety for Halloween night and throughout the year.”

Children tend to go out for Halloween in the areas they commonly walk in, CAA said. Schools and playgrounds are popular gathering places for kids who meet to trick-or-treat together.

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Drivers are reminded there may be an increase in traffic in and around school zones, so you should slow down more than usual when coming across crosswalks or intersections.

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When using a school parking lot, drivers should be aware there may be small children out of view, and should look around and go slow.

CAA Halloween safety tips:

  • Costumes with masks can limit vision. Using makeup is best, but if a mask is a must, it should fit properly and allow the person to easily see out.
  • As much as possible, use reflective tape on costumes and carry a flashlight for safety.
  • Some parents drive their kids to trick-or-treat. Pedestrians and drivers should be mindful of motorists who may pull over to let children in and out of vehicles.
  • When passing a vehicle on Halloween, always assume a child could open or exit from a door on the driver’s side.
  • Communication is key: both pedestrians and drivers should make eye contact and signal their intentions.
  • If possible, drivers should avoid driving during peak trick-or-treating hours on Halloween night and choose an alternate time to go out.