Free food goes a long way

 Edo Japan is the latest addition to the food court at Orchard Park Mall in Kelowna and to celebrate its grand opening, it’s serving up free food. And as expected, it created a long line of hungry customers Wednesday.

“We are expecting to serve upwards of 1000 people today which typically, or a typical day we would expect to serve about 250,” says Tom Donaldson, Edo Japan president.

Edo Japan’s first restaurant opened in Calgary in 1979. Since then, the franchise has grown to 107 locations across the country.

“It was started by Reverend Sussmu, a Buddhist minister from Vancouver who moved to Calgary with his family to start a church and in order to gain some revenue he started this as a part time job,” says Donaldson.

While meals were being dished up for free, Edo was accepting donations for the foodbank which in the end, will be matched by the chain’s corporate office.

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“For every dollar donated to Kelowna Food Bank we’re able to purchase three dollars worth of food.”