Bread quiz is the toast of the internet

Liz White posted her bread quiz to Tumblr in January, but it didn't go viral until last week.
Liz White posted her bread quiz to Tumblr in January, but it didn't go viral until last week.

Have you ever wondered if you’re more a bagel or a bread stick? Wonder no more. A quiz that links nine different types of bread to nine personalities has gone viral, but until now, has been wrongfully attributed to a high school student in Florida.

Her daily bread: White posts exclusively about bread on her Instagram account, @lizlovesbread.

Liz White, a college admissions employee in Georgia, created the quiz on a slow work day last January. She based the nine personalities on her own friends.

“At the time, there were a lot of ‘tag yourself’ memes going around,” White said to Refinery29. “I love bread and have this bread Instagram account, so I thought, ‘I should make one with bread. Of course!’”

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While her original post received a fair bit of attention on Tumblr, its recent rise in popularity is credited to 18-year-old Kelly Blaus of Boynton Beach, Fl. And it seems to be a simple case of posting in the right place at the right time.

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On Sept. 26, Blaus posted the bread quiz to Twitter with the tweet: “I’m so croissant it’s not even funny. What are y’all?” Within hours, she received tens of thousands of responses, and tweeted that her mentions were so numerous they were crashing her Twitter account. By the next day, the immense popularity of the quiz was reported by various outlets, including Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan UK.

She even received responses from across the pond.

Translation: I’m a mix of French bread and croissant. I’m a representative of France: YES YES BAGUETTE.

Although Blaus hasn’t necessarily taken credit for the quiz, White has made a vow going forward to watermark or sign her work with her handle. “I have friends who are artists and writers, and I get so mad when I see their stuff reposted without credit,” she said.

No word on whether we can expect a gluten free quiz anytime soon.


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