Penticton fire crews snuff out smelly fire

Penticton fire crews dousing a garbage fire. Skylar noe-vack

Penticton fire crews were put to work Friday morning to extinguish a flaming pile of garbage.

Firefighters were called to the parking lot of Kings Park on Eckhardt Ave West at around 8:30 a.m.

While the smell wasn’t all that pleasant, crews extinguished the small blaze in about ten minutes.

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The fire started inside a waste removal truck and when the driver noticed the small blaze, and as per company protocol, he found a nearby clear area where it was safe to dump the trash.

“These guys had a plan in place and it was a good plan,” said Penticton fire captain Blaine Dionne.

Credit: Skylar noe-vack .
Credit: Skylar noe-vack .
Credit: Skylar noe-vack . Skylar noe-vack

Dionne said there’s no way to confirm what started the fire. The driver wasn’t injured and there was no damage to the vehicle.


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