Iceland capital city turns off lights so people can enjoy northern lights

Click to play video: 'Incredible Northern Lights display lights up the skies over Iceland'
Incredible Northern Lights display lights up the skies over Iceland
WATCH ABOVE: Incredible Northern Lights display lights up the skies over Iceland – Sep 29, 2016

Iceland’s capital city went dark earlier this week so Reykjavik residents and tourists could get a better view of the northern lights.

Reykjavik city council announced Wednesday the city would turn off street lights in different districts for an hour so people could enjoy the dancing auroras, the Iceland Monitor reported.

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The city planned to shut off the lights from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. and city council encouraged homeowners to switch off their lights as well to reduce light pollution.

The northern lights have extremely active this week, dancing across large parts Canada and northern U.S.

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In Iceland, sky watchers and shutterbugs captured incredible images of the streaking green lights as they danced across the night sky.

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Northern lights in Reykjavík
Aurora Iceland 28.9.2016 #2
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Northern Lights in Downtown Reykjavik
Aurora Borealis over Parliament in Reykjavik,Iceland
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Ráðhús Reykjavíkur Aurora
Northern Lights at Sólfar
Northern Lights Magic, Reykjavik
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Aurora borealis at dusk
Iceland, Aurora borealis
Night riding with a show. This window in time when it's not too cold for night riding, dark enough, clear sky and the auroras are back for another winter... #madeinmts #iceland #aurora #mtblife #clearsky #mtb #mountainbiking #adventure
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Aurora borealis
Aurora borealis
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aurora borealis, Iceland
Laugarvatn Steam D169523
Melavík Waterboat D169511
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Vatnsvik Lights D169396
Aurora over Kolgrafafjordur
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Aurora Borealis at Þingvellir, Iceland
Aurora borealis
My backyard
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Panorama of Thingvellir, national park in Iceland

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