Hudson and Humphrey the polar bears leaving Assiniboine Park Zoo

WATCH: Hudson the polar bear arrived in Winnipeg in January 2013. He was the first polar bear to have a home in the Journey to Churchill exhibit.

WINNIPEG — Two of Winnipeg’s polar bears, Hudson and Humphrey, are leaving the city and heading to Toronto.

The Assiniboine Park Zoo made the announcement Friday morning, saying the two will be heading to the Toronto Zoo on Oct. 11.

Winnipeggers wanting to say goodbye to the polar bears, have a chance to sign a card at the zoo.

There is a giant farewell card for the polar bears and the public is welcome to sign it. Global News

Hudson was born in Toronto and arrived in Winnipeg in January 2013. He was the first polar bear to call the  Journey to Churchill exhibit home. His younger brother Humphrey, who was also born in Toronto, came to Winnipeg around two years later in March 2015.

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“We are very grateful to have had Hudson and Humphrey here in Winnipeg for the last few years and to have given them the opportunity to become socialized with our other polar bears,” said Gary Lunsford, zoological operations at Assiniboine Park Zoo.

“While they will certainly be missed by our staff and visitors, we know that Toronto Zoo is very excited for their return.”

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After the brothers leave, Journey to Churchill will still have seven polar bears, all of which are rescued bears from Manitoba’s north. The Assiniboine Park Zoo said Hudson and Humphrey’s move will create more space, “should the need arise and may also allow them to be part of a breeding program at another facility in the future.”

WATCH: Hudson and Humphrey play around at the zoo


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