Ryder Cup: Team Europe challenges American heckler to sink putt for $100

Team Europe challenges American heckler to sink putt for $100
WATCH ABOVE: American heckler challenged to make putt for $100 - and he sinks it.

An American fan overheard heckling Europe’s Ryder Cup team was given the chance to back up his talk Thursday – and delivered, to the tune of $100.

The team was practicing at Hazeltine National in Chaska, Minnesota Thursday afternoon ahead of this weekend’s tournament. Several members of the team were having difficulty making a putt when golfer Henrik Stenson overheard a fan in the crowd heckling the Euros, boasting that he could make that same putt.

“[Team Europe] was standing over the putt. A couple guys tried [to make the putt] two or three times, and they couldn’t make the putt,” David Johnson, the USA fan-turned-heckler-turned-participant told “They were kind of looking at it like it was an unmakable putt. So I said ‘Well I can make the putt.’”
“I think Henrik [Stenson] overheard me, and he kind of turned to the crowd and said ‘Who said they could make the putt?’”

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Stenson challenged the man to back up his boasts – and onto the 8th green at Hazeltine National stepped the thirty-year-old insurance salesman from North Dakota.

Britain’s Justin Rose further upped the stakes by placing a hundred dollar bill down by the golf ball.

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After lining up the putt, Johnson said he closed his eyes, hit it – and sunk it, upon which Johnson gave a celebration that would make Happy Gilmore blush, while the crowd broke into chants of “USA! USA!”

All the members of Team Europe, including Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy, were good sports and congratulated Johnson on his putt. Rose even insisted he keep the $100.

“Just a great moment,” Johnson said. “I soaked it in, just enjoyed it. I love the Ryder Cup, and Team Europe was great about it.”